March 15 – March 16, 2018

Sponsorship Information & Registration Form




The WELV Annual Conference will bring together 150 women educators to gain a deeper understanding of issues of importance to them as leaders.

Your business or organization can help to support WELV by becoming a Sponsor of the Annual Conference. Three different levels of sponsorship are available. The benefits of sponsorship at each level are outlined below.

Once you register as a Sponsor, you will be contacted by Elaine Fogliani, the Executive Director of WELV, to discuss the specific event or speaker you wish to sponsor.

Your business can support WELV to an even greater degree by becoming a Partner. Learn more here.


Levels of Sponsorship


This year we have provided you with a variety of choices regarding your annual conference sponsorship. Options are provided below along with a link to the sponsor registration form. 


Level of Sponsorship:
$1,000 $1,500 $2,000
Sponsorship Includes:
Full page ad in Annual Conference Program x x
Half page ad in annual conference program x
Public thanks by the President x x x
Signage on event tables x x x
Signage on tables throughout conference x
Opportunity for representative to speak prior to the event for 2-3 minutes x x
Opportunity for representative to speak at the opening for up to 5 min and closing for up to 2 min x
Exhibition Table (in lobby area at Annual Conference) x
 Exhibition Table (in ballroom area at Annual Conference) x
Social Media Posts (Twitter, FB, Instagram) x x
WELV Website Acknowledgement x x
One conference registration for representative x x
One WELV annual membership for representative x x x
Two conference registrations for representatives x
Two WELV Annual Memberships for representatives x


WELV Sponsorship Commitment Form 2018

Please complete this form and email it to Judy at

Deadline to register as a sponsor is February 1, 2018.





Mistakes made in filling out the registration will be highlighted in bold.

Once you have filled out the registration completely, you will see an on-screen message thanking you for your submission, and the person or people whom you have designated to receive a confirmation email should see that email (with registration entries included) within 24 hours.

Shortly after your registration, the Group Contact Person identified on the form will be contacted by Judy Lam to discuss the specifics of your sponsorship and arrange for payment of fees.

If you have questions or concerns, or would like to learn more about sponsoring the 2018 WELV Annual Conference, please contact Judy Lam .


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