About WELV

Women Education Leaders in Virginia:

Our Mission

The purpose of WELV is to
bring together leaders to address issues related primarily to the
accomplishments, advancement, concerns, interest, and special contributions of
women in or aspiring to educational leadership.

Our Vision

The Women Education
Leaders in Virginia shape the future by supporting women leaders in preK-16
education. We explore and bring to light new knowledge, ideas, and skills to serve those who
are currently leading and provide the foundation for a new generation of women leaders.

Our Values

Integrity: Carry out our
work with the greatest responsibility and accountability

Service: Add value to
education and to our stakeholders

Diversity: Capitalize on
the strengths intrinsic in differences

Excellence: Deliver the
highest quality service in all we do

Continuous Learning:
Explore and discover new knowledge and professional skills enabling women
leaders to be outstanding and influential role models for girls and women