President’s Message


I promise not to keep you long, but I wanted to share a few thoughts as we embark upon the 2021-2022 academic year. First, I honor and celebrate you…Since March 13, 2020, regardless of your current position or job title, you have shown up every day to lead through the murky, unchartered waters of Covid-19. Any advice or suggestion provided, was simply that, as no one has led through this type of crisis before. However, I believe that every experience prepares us for something new down the road. Now, we have additional tools in our toolkits that will help us navigate through additional challenges we may face in our individual leadership journeys. Don’t stop! You’ve got this; PRESS FORWARD!

The theme for the 2022 Annual Conference is A Time for Lift: Inspiring and Empowering Yourself and Others. I’ve been reflecting on this theme for a couple of weeks and I just can’t get the image of a door out of my mind. I kept asking yself, “what is with this door?” In several recent conversations with colleagues, I’ve come to realize that many educators are stuck. Stuck in a classroom without support. Stuck in a classroom when they have more to offer. Stuck in an AP position overshadowed by their principal. Stuck in the principal seat when they are ready to be district leaders. This realization led to my aha moment: stop waiting for someone to open the door! You have all the necessary skills you need to position yourself to be whatever you want to be in your classroom, school division, and/or community. We must stop operating like we are powerless. Instead, we must allow our expertise to be seen, heard, and valued. It is time that we stand in our skills, position ourselves, and go!


President Dr. Taneshia Rachal Principal Coach, Greensville County

Past President Dr. Kim Evans Former Superintendent, Greensville County

President-Elect Dr. Sarah Tanner-Anderson Assistant Professor, Longwood University

Vice President Dr. Sheri Almond Director C and I, Cumberland County

Secretary Dr. Kristy Somerville-Midgette Superintendent, Brunswick County

Treasurer Dr. Carol Carter Superintendent, King and Queen County

Region 1 Representative Ms. Tracy Lee Family Engagement Director, VA DOE

Region 2 Representative Dr. Shonda Harris-Muhammed Coordinator Pupil Services, Southampton County

Region 3 Representative Dr. Sarah Calveric Superintendent, Caroline County

Region 4 Representative Ms. Jennifer Cavanaugh Assistant Principal, Rock Ridge High School

Region 5 Representative Ms. Katrina Lee Director Special Education, Charlottesville City

Region 6 Representative Dr. Jeanette Warwick Superintendent, Craig County

Region 7 Representative Dr. Gina Wohlford Superintendent, Norton City

Region 8 Representative Ms. Krystle Pearson Director of Technology, Brunswick County

Higher Education Representative Dr. Shauna Mayo Professor, John Tyler Community College

Business and Government Representative Ms. Shannon Beasley Education Specialist, National Ground Intelligence

Outreach Director Ms. Gabby Ryman Assistant Superintendent, Shenandoah County

Virginia Partnership Liaison Ms. Gena Keller Director, Commonwealth Learning Partnership, Former
Superintendent. Fluvanna County

Past President Dr. Kim Evans Former Superintendent, Greensville County

Executive Director Emerita Dr. Margaret Blackmon Retired Superintendent, Prince Edward County

Executive Director Dr. Elaine Fogliani Former Superintendent, Westmoreland County

Administrative Coordinator Ms. Judy Lam Administrative Coordinator, WELV