WELV Webinar

April 2020

Facilitator: Kelly Peaks Horner, Founder & Thought Leader, ACOFEE (A Collaborative Organization for Elevated Education) & Kelly Peaks Horner Consulting Group, LLC

Kelly’s professional expertise includes leadership development, executive education coaching and partnership, daring leadership training, executive planning, and strengths and well-being understanding. She delivers leadership development in areas of strengths development, well-being, self awareness, feedback, and vulnerability by utilizing research-based initiatives and data driven initiatives.

In 2019, she was trained by Dr. Brené Brown as a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator and she partners with school and campus leaders to create daring leadership practices and thriving, courageous cultures. She works with leaders to operationalize the skill sets discovered in Dr. Brown’s research and data.

Webinar: Rising Strong Process

How do we want to merge from this moment? If we do not offload our emotions they will metastasize. They do not disappear. Often we offload them on those closest to us and those we care about and love the most. We need a process to recognize and get curious about how we feel, rumble with the stories we are creating, and rise with a process we can integrate into our personal and professional life. Together we will talk about the Rising Strong process and how you can use it in your personal and professional life.

The session will be limited to 25 participants. If you wish to register for the session, please email Elaine Fogliani, WELV Executive Director, afogliani@aol.com by April

So much now is uncertain but the certainty of WELV as a nurturer, supporter and encourager of women in educational leadership remains steadfast. We will get through this together.