2015 – 2016 WELV PRESIDENT



It is time to reflect on the past year and get our batteries recharged so we can start the new school year with energy and enthusiasm.

Baptist-Beth141This past year was a busy one for WELV with the 16th Annual Conference, the Lynchburg Forum, meetings of regional groups, our new Business Partnership Initiative, awards, mentoring . . . the list goes on.

None of these activities would have been possible without YOU!

Virginia, both at the K-12 and higher education levels, is very fortunate to have such talent in current and aspiring leaders. As some of us are closer to the end of our careers, it is exciting to see the talent, passion and courage of those who will follow.

I appreciate your support of WELV and look forward to serving you as your President. I hope that you will contact your regional representative, Elaine or me if you have suggestions for enhancing the WELV organization in ways that will help you and your community.

I am looking forward to two great years with WELV!