WELV Executive Director

They say, “Time flies when you are having fun.”  Well, time has flown by and I am having fun as your executive director.  I am beginning my fourth year serving as the Executive Director of Women Education Leaders in Virginia (WELV).

Elaine Fogliani258Whenever the WELV Board of Directors come together, they are busy accomplishing the work of our organization.  However, we always find a few minutes just to enjoy being together and to share our passion for the mission of WELV.

As Beth Baptist begins her second year serving as President, the organization continues to be the premier entity for supporting and nurturing women in educational leadership in Virginia.  With Linda Reviea, Superintendent of Schools in Staunton, serving as President-Elect, WELV is assured of effective and passionate leadership for the years ahead.

Liza Scallet, the WELV as administrative coordinator, is the glue that keeps the organization moving forward.  Liza is so vital to our work and certainly helps me keep the “fun” in all we do.

Attendees at the Annual Conference in March celebrated WELV’s 17th Birthday during a reception on Thursday evening, one of the Conference events centered on fun and networking.  The 18th Annual WELV Conference is being designed around the theme, Empower Yourself, Empower Others: The Mindsets for Leading and Learning. 

The WELV Affiliates throughout Virginia and the Ambassador Program are gaining strength as anchors for communication about WELV in the state.   This year the WELV Ambassadors have scheduled online meetings to be able to share best practices in creating the support scaffolding for women leaders at the local level.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the growing support of the many sponsors of our conference and our business partner, American Fidelity.  Their financial support makes much of our work possible.  More important, having this growing number of enthusiastic WELV cheerleaders applauding the work we do is motivating us to reach further and expand the opportunities we offer women educators.

When I look to the future of WELV, I am encouraged by our growth and the increasing interest in the work we do.   

Being your executive director is fun and rewarding.  I often refer to my work with WELV as “work of the heart.” Let’s grow together!


Elaine Fogliani, Ph.D.