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Working closely with Randolph College and Lynchburg College, WELV presents its Sixth Annual Lynchburg Forum, “Innovative Leadership for the 21st Century.”

Focusing in particular on the urban classroom, this year’s forum offers participants a dynamic half-day of professional development sessions on issues of importance to Virginia education leaders as well as numerous opportunities to network with colleagues.

Among the forum’s highlights are a Keynote Address, two break-out sessions on topics at the intersection of education and leadership, a panel discussion on the challenges posed by the urban classroom, and a Question and Answer session to conclude the day. (Scroll down for a detailed Schedule of Events or click here to print the schedule.)

The registration fee covers a buffet breakfast and all forum resource material.

Only fifty spaces are available for the forum, so please . . . REGISTER NOW!



mcclellan vea3This year’s keynote will be presented by Jennifer McClellan, the Virginia House Delegate for the 71st District and the Vice-Chair of Outreach for the House Democratic Caucus.

Born in Petersburg, Virginia, Delegate McClellan attended public school in Chesterfield County, received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Richmond, and has a Juris Doctorate from the University of Virginia.

In the past twenty years, Delegate McClellan has been so deeply involved in the life of Virginia that it would take another entire web page simply to list all her activities, accomplishments and rewards. Fortunately, Dr. McClellan’s staff has done the work for us here.

Combining her deeply rooted understanding of Virginia life with the expertise and experience gained from her many political, educational, and community-oriented activities, Delegate McClellan speaks truly and from the heart about the challenges facing education leaders in the state.



Our Panel Discussion, “The Urban Classroom: What Have I Done?” will feature Dr. Tracy Richardson, Principal, EC Glass High School; Kelsey Cline, Teacher, Petersburg, VA; and Rachel Reid, Teacher, Raleigh, NC.

We will offer two Break-Out sessions. The first, a discussion of at-risk and at-promise students, will be led by Evainna W. Ross, the Executive Director and Founder of the The Sparrow’s Nest, a non-profit in Greensboro, NC, which addresses the educational, social and financial disparities of youth from government assisted housing, high crime areas and under-performing schools.

In the second Break-Out, Dr. Allison Jordan, the assistant principal at William Campbell Combined High School, will discuss her doctoral dissertation, “Beneath the Glass Ceiling: What Causes Some Qualified Female Educators to Remain in the Classroom While Others Obtain Leadership Roles?”



Non-Members, your fee to register is $30. This includes membership in WELV. 

Members, your registration will cost $20.

If you are a college student (graduate or undergraduate), your registration fee is $15.

The fee includes a buffet breakfast and all forum materials.

You will receive a Re-Certifiication Certificate for four points for your participation in the forum.

Please consult the registration form to your right for additional registration and payment information.



If you have questions or concerns, or would like more information about the forum, please contact the WELV Administrative Assistant, Liza Scallet.



[Printable Schedule]

8:30 am        Registration and Breakfast Buffet

9:00 am        Welcome

9:05 am        Keynote speaker: Delegate Jennifer McClellan

10:15 am      Break with Light Refreshments

10:30 am      Panel discussion:

“The Urban Classroom: What Have I Done?” with Dr.Tracy Richardson, Kelsey Cline, and Rachel Reid

11:05 am      Break-Out Sessions:

“At Risk and At-Promise Students,” Led by Evainna W. Ross, Executive Director and Founder of The Sparrow’s Nest, a Non-Profit in Greensboro, NC

Dr. Allison Jordan, an assistant principal at William Campbell Combined High School, will discuss her doctoral dissertation,  “Beneath the Glass Ceiling: What Causes Some Qualified Female Educators to Remain in the Classroom While Others Obtain Leadership Roles?”  

11:45 am     Question and Answer Session

12:00 pm     Evaluations, Closing Remarks, and Certificates




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